In 1973, Erika Karp relocated the play group she establ

ished in her home to our current

building in Greensboro Bend and organized the Caspian

Area Preschool. Founded as a parent

cooperative, in which parents of children served a signif

icant role in daily operations and long-term

planning, Caspian Area Preschool was one of the first pr

eschool programs for 3-5 year olds in our

area. For the next ten years, the preschool successfully provi

ded a much needed service. In 1982

the state of Vermont mandated that all communities pro

vide kindergarten education. The preschool

evolved into the Caspian Area Program and expanded i

ts educational services to kindergarteners

until 1985, when the kindergarten component was absorbe

d by the local elementary school.

In 1987, a chronic child care crisis prompted parents to pe

rsuade the preschool to provide safe

nurturing child care to surrounding communities. For the

next seven years Caspian Area Center

fulfilled this dire need. At the same time, family de

mographics were changing. The increase in single

parent homes and families with both parents working awa

y from home lessened emphasize on

parent involvement in the daily operations of the Ce

nter, but strengthened their participation on the

Board of Directors with particular focus on fundraising e


In response to financial challenges the Caspian Area Cent

er reorganized and in 1995 incorporated

into Greensboro Community Child Care Center. In 2003

the Center changed its name to Greensboro

Early Learning Center to emphasis the early childhood e

ducation aspect of its mission and to satisfy

accreditation criteria under the National Association for

the Education of Young Children (NAEYC),

which was awarded the same year under the energetic lea

dership of Beth LeCours.

Preschoolers make sandcastles in our fenced in play area.

In 2007, we pursued accreditation through


s Step Ahead Recognition System


which was granted in 2009. At the same time, with an i

ncreasing focus on nature-based education

and a desire to expand our perceived service area, the

Center changed its name to Four Seasons of

Early Learning.

While our name has changed since our founding in 1973 o

ur mission has grown stronger and more

focused over time. Our current curriculum is emergent and

play-based. It is designed to be flexible

according to the children

s interests and needs, while maintaining focus on nature

and kindergarten

readiness. We utilize material provided by the

Four Winds Institute

to enhance our program


emphasis on nature and recently added a Farm to Preschoo

l initiative to increase student


knowledge of, access to and awareness of local agriculture a

nd growing cycles.